Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Bunker Food Inc.'s FAQ page! We’re covering our most asked questions. We’ll answer all your top questions in the list below.

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1. What is freeze drying?

Freeze drying is a method of food preservation that when done correctly, removes foods 3 worst nemesis' (air, moisture and germs) allowing food to be shelved safely for 20+ years. We use Harvest Right freeze dryers at Bunker Foods. These intuitive devices use multiple processes when preserving food. They will freeze the food first and then create a vacuum in the chamber. The food will slowly get warmed, and under the conditions, a vapour is created and vacuumed out. This process is called sublimation. The drying process continues until the food is dry. Freeze dried foods must be properly packaged to preserve their integrity.

2. Why freeze dry candy?

Just for fun! When candies are heated and put under the vacuum pressure of the device, they end up without any moisture or chewiness and explode or expand. This results in a crunchy or flaky texture, often much larger and easier to eat than what it was originally. The process also enhances some of the flavours in the candy.

3. What are foods you can't freeze dry?

Oil, butter, nuts and chocolate do not freeze dry.

4. Are you gluten free?

NEGATIVE. We are not able to offer a gluten free guarantee yet as our units have all had caramel explosions! While many candies are gluten free, there is a possibility of contamination. We're so sorry for that. Our next unit will be a dedicated unit for our gluten free fans!! Follow us on social media for when this line drops!

5. Can you ship outside of Alberta?

Not yet! We are working at expanding our services first and will be looking at reaching all of our fans next! Soon :)

6. How do I get first dibs on product launches?

Easy! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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